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I think it is fair to say that most of us know that in order to do keto you have to avoid or drastically reduce sugar. I want to say at this stage of the game that is pretty common knowledge. Nothing new here.


What was mind blowing for me was to see just how many things had sugar in them. I’m talking about products ranging from peanut butter down to a lot of your favorite seasonings including Lawry’s seasoning salt (Google it).

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Sugar is placed in things you wouldn’t even think of like chap sticks, mouthwash, and toothpaste. I’m like why does my hygiene products need to be sweetened.


Well any who, this got me to thinking it would be smart to create a list for you all to take with you when you’re in the store or out and about so you can quickly see if some of your favorite items are laced with sugars.

A Sweet Handout For You

I have created a list below of some of the most popular names given to sugar below. You can either download the picture or take a screenshot of it and save it to your phone.


This way you will have a quick and easy reference to identifying these sugars. The more sugar you avoid, the better your results will be and less likely you are to hit a plateau.

List Foods Keto Diet

Different Ways Companies Say Sugar

Some Considerations

The list provided above is a quick guide to get you started right away on identifying and eliminating the various foods that have added sugars in them. I have provided some of the most common names but there are plenty of other ones out there.


The idea behind this post is not to scare you into thinking avoiding sugar is hopeless. I just wanted to raise your level of awareness ans strap you with more knowledge to make the best decision for your keto lifestyle.


So when in doubt, just Google that sh*t to be sure. It only takes a few seconds to find out and those few seconds can get you closer to your goal faster.


    So tell me. What has been your experience with avoiding sugar? Did any of the names on the list surprise you? Let me know below.


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