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“Happy New Year’s!!!!, Cheers!, Shots!”

That’s probably how you came into 2020. Well I know that’s how mine went down except I don’t do that champagne, I’m more of a bourbon or whiskey man myself. Makers Mark, Wellers and Breckinridge are among some of my favorites but that’s a later post for a later time. Besides, I’m sure some of you who are reading this would prefer to stop your head from pounding rather than hear more about the very thing that brought you to this post in the first place.

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What’s A Hangover?

Before we dive off into this. I need to speak on what’s a hangover. A hangover is basically when you consume too much alcohol to the point you feel buzzed, drunk, litty, lit af, wasted or whatever you call it. That shitty feeling you get when the buzz is gone? You know the headaches, muscle cramps, lack of energy or even nausea? Yeahhhhhh. That’s a hangover homie.

What’s Causing Your Hangover?

Drinking alcohol is like an intense workout where you’re left dripping in sweat with no way to hydrate yourself. It basically zaps your body’s electrolytes which are responsible for a lot of bodily functions such as muscle contractions, regulating blood pressure and helping your blood move freely throughout your body. Now this zapping of electrolytes happens because your body views alcohol as a toxin. In order to get rid of that toxin, your burns up electrolytes along with b vitamins in the process.

What This Means To Your Keto Lifestyle…

Now as it relates to your ketogenic lifestyle, one thing you have to stay on top of is your electrolytes. With carbs and sugar, your body holds water and electrolytes but that’s not us. We run off of a better source of energy, ketones.

When you’re running on ketones (energy produced from fat) aka jet fuel, your body does NOT hold on to water and electrolytes. So that means you must constantly replace those lost electrolytes and be aware of the things that suck them out of your body like alcohol.

Not to mention, alcohol takes precedence over fat burning. That means while alcohol is present in the body you’re burning very little to no fat. Yeah, talk about a ketosis killer. I don’t know about you but I enjoy the idea of burning fat every chance I get.

My Keto Tips To Cure A Hangover

As a certified keto coach and one who has had his own fair share of hangovers, I wanted to share my personal tips for helping people get over this shitty feeling. So here’s my recommended list…

1. Drink sparkling water: Why sparkling water? I find that sparkling water is great for helping to settle your stomach. It usually has some add minerals aka electrolytes that will help to hydrate your thirsty body.

2. Eat salt: Now before you go off thinking salt is bad or makes you thirsty. Salt is one of earth’s most natural and best ways to get in electrolytes. BTW, I’m not talking about that table salt stuff either. I’m talking about unrefined salt. Celtic salt or Himalayan salt also works great too.

I take about 2 or more teaspoons, not all at once but throughout the day. Since you have a hangover, take as much as you can tolerate now and have more later throughout the day.

My personal favorite brand of salt to take is ‘ target=”_blank”>Redmonds Real Sea Salt. It’s unrefined (no chemical treatment) and packed with more minerals (aka electrolytes). It also helps that I actually enjoy the taste of it. I know… that’s weird.

3. Consume b vitamins: These babies help protect your body from the oxidative damage caused from breaking down alcohol. I usually take some form of nutriotional yeast, a multi vitamin, or a combination of the 2.

4. Light Cardio: This one may go against the grain but I personally find it helpful. Your body can’t store alcohol as an energy source so it has to burn it up right away. Why not put that energy to use?

Now keep in mind, I said LIGHT cardio. That’s something as simple as going for a walk or continuing on with your day. The idea is to get your blood flowing and burn up energy WITHOUT putting more strain on your body.

5. Fasting: Your liver is already putting in overtime to break down the alcohol. Fasting allows it to break it down without more distractions. Less distraction means the faster you can process the alcohol and get back to burning fat.

I typically fast around 16 to 18hrs but will fast less depending on how I feel after doing the things mentioned above. If I am still feeling some kind of shitty way, I will eat. You know your body the best so listen to it.

Just Some Extra Things For You

At this point, I believe it is worth mentioning that you could also alcohol altogether. Although it won’t help with your hangover, it will prevent it and support you staying in ketosis. Besides, It doesn’t serve a true purpose in the body. Don’t shoot the messenger here, I’m busy stating facts.

Another thing that would help to prevent a hangover is knowing your limit. I don’t often drink but when I do, 2 – 3 drinks are about my limit. Every body is different though. As cliche as it sounds, you should drink responsibly.

It goes without saying that I don’t promote or encourage drinking but I’m not dumb to the fact that some of you will do it anyway. So I wanted to give you some of my personal recommendations in reducing some negative effects associated with alcohol.


If you’re stuck dealing with a hangover, consume plenty of electrolytes (salt), drink water (I prefer sparkling), and have some b vitamins.

What’s your experience and take on the matter? Share your thoughts or perspective below.



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